About Us & Getting in Touch

Contacting Canapé Kitchen

We're still in set up mode so the offices of our parent company, Ginger Jar Food, will be processing any questions that our website can't answer. To contact to someone simply email hungry@canape-kitchen.com or phone 020 7733 9991, and we'll be happy to help. 

Alternatively, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

About Canapé Kitchen

Canapé Kitchen is a brand new canapé service from boutique London caterer, Ginger Jar Food. 

While Ginger Jar Food focuses on designing bespoke menus for corporate and private clients across the capital, Canapé Kitchen is a quick and easy way to access affordable canapés and bowl foods, when you know what you're looking for.

Perfect for in-store events, product launches, small private functions, pre-wedding receptions and much more, our delicious range of canapés are hand built at our HQ in South London and delivered as fresh as possible just before you serve them to your guests.

This range of food doesn't require chefs on site or access to a kitchen. The canapés come ready to eat (we had the final garnishes just before they leave the kitchen) - just lay them out on your serving trays and circulate to your guests.

Ginger Jar Food has been delivering catering to our wide variety of clients, from private individuals to City institutions, art foundations, charities, marketing & PR agencies and retail legends for nearly 10 years. We hope that Canapé Kitchen will give even more people access to great food for your events.

To find out more about our parent company, visit www.ginger-jar-food.com