How it Works & FAQs

Why choose Canapé Kitchen?

Canapé Kitchen focusses on providing a range high quality food products, from canapés to bowl foods, designed to be delivered to you ready-to-eat. We have curated our collection to show a small yet beautiful number of options, which we know will be loved by your guests, making it easy to build the perfect menu for your event. 

How do you make your choices?

The number of selections you make to create your menu is up to you, however, we suggest choosing between four and eight options, ensuring that you have one of each canapé type per guest. So if you are having 50 people at your event for two to three hours, we'd suggest allowing up to eight canapés per person, meaning you should choose eight canapés types and order 50 pieces of each.

For shorter events such as breakfast or pre-dinner receptions you may want to drop the number of canapés per person to four to five options.

How is the food delivered?

The food is packed in sturdy boxes with non slip mats to ensure it stays in good condition during transit. You will then need to decant the canapés onto serving platters of your own, or you can choose to add palm leaf or black melamine platters from our Service-ware section.

Availability & Delivery Dates / Times

We do ask that you choose a delivery date while in the Basket section, and please do add a delivery time into the field. We are working on a method of showing our availability before you place your order, but for now we do reserve the right to decline an order if we are not able to fulfil it.

We require at least two full working days notice to fulfil an order, although this may increase during busy periods such as weekends and Christmas.

Where do we deliver?

At present we only deliver within the M25. Should you order from outside of this area we will either decline your order or give you a bespoke delivery price.